Camblock Set

Number of stickers

Submit the number of Camblock stickers.

Recommendation: provide more than one device with a Camblock Sticker. Choose several stickers, also in different sizes and forms.

Camblock Set

Sticker form

Create your logo or your advertising message with a Camblock sticker in free-form. This service causes no additional costs and makes Camblock a completely individual advertisement material.

Camblock Set

Carrier board

Choose one of our standard formats or ask us for an individual carrier board. Use the space for your personal message. If needed you are welcome to choose from our graphic elements that we provide with our layout sketch.

Camblock Set

Polybag (on request)

Our very glossy polybags give your Camblock set a significant overall impression, present the printed colours intensely and protect the product from tear and wear until it arrives at its deployment location.

Our polybags are corn starch-based.


The Camblock is a Pvc-free special sticker. It sticks onto all even and slightly structured surfaces without glue. It leaves no residues and can be reused regularly.

Form and printing

You can freely select the form of the Camblock. Take into account what kind of device the Camblock is supposed to be used for. For smartphones und tablets we recommend smaller Camblocks, for PC/laptop they can be bigger. Create your logo, your writing or just a nice symbol. We print your Camblock as you wish with 4c

As a guidline we recommend the following sizes for these different devices:

Smartphone/Tablet rectangular 8 x 12 mm or round 10 mm

PC/Laptop rectangular 13 x optional round 10 – 13 mm or


For the use on a smartphone we recommend a refinement of the sticker`s surface. Through this the printing image is protected and the Camblock gets more robust. For this we have 2 options:

1) Protective Varnish, slight gloss, relatively inexpensive, recommended for all devices.

2) Doming coating, strong gloss, very robust and ideal for smartphones, due to the layer thickness unsuitable for laptops.


We produce the Camblock sets here in Cologne. The majority of all work steps are handmade, that is why we can take almost all individual requests. Our distances are short. This has a positive effect on our delivery, the qualitiy and the contact with our team.

Sets for endcustomers

We have 15 different sets for our end customers called “Anti Spy Sticker”. You are welcome to use our shop on Amazon