Why do I need a Camblock?

Webcams are omnipresent in private housholds and companies. The possibility to capture situations on camera at all times is at the same time a loophole for unnoticed spying. Privacy is a very valuable commodity and should be protected. 
Only a physical system can provide effective protection in this case.

Can I design my own Camblock?

Sure. Every Camblock is delivered on a carrier board. The Camblock sticker as well as the carrier board can be designed individually. The Camblock stickers can even be produced in freeform without any extra charge.

Can I apply several Camblock stickers on a carrier board?

Yes, we even recommend that. Most people own more than just one device with a built- in camera anyway. More stickers, also in various forms, increase the user`s joy.

How can I order Camblock as an advertisement?

Call us or write us an email. Since 2010 we are focussing on this product and will help you with words and deeds. We are specialized in an individual product design. Our production based in Cologne  is flexible, fast and uncomplicated.

How come the Camblock sticks? What kind of cool material is this?

The Camblock is made of pvc-free synthetic paper. Micropores in the material surface attach themselves onto the surface of the device.

How long does a Camblock Webcam Cover last?

If you take good care it can last for years. With the usage of smartphones especially the printed surface is affected. In this case we recommend to use our refinement option “Doming” or”Varnish”. As a result the surface is protected.

What kind of surface is the Camblock suitable for?

The Camblock has indeed a foil- like qualitiy but prefers a not too strongly curved or smooth surface. The rougher the surface the worse the suction power of the micropores.

Can I remove my Camblock residue- free from my device

YES! This function is very important to us. With the Camblock you cannot only seal your webcam but also open it again for usage without leaving any residues on the device. This process can be repeated any number of times.

Can I clean my Camblock?

YES! Should the holding force decrease, the Camblock can be revitalised at any times with water or a wet cloth.

Is the Camblock compatible with my device?

Basically the Camblock can be placed onto any device that has a preferably even and not too strongly curved surface. The only obstacle is the size and the surface of the device. They should match.

Does the Camblock have any effect on my device except that the webcam cannot be used for unwanted spying anymore?

There are devices that for example regulate their display brightness through the camera. Although the Camblock`s tranclucency is limited, such a function can perhaps be affected. In this case the automatic display brightness should then be deactivated.

Does the Camblock damage my device?

Material incompatibilities are unknown to us. We advise against applying the Camblock directly onto the lens of optics, for example a camera, though.

Do you have the Camblock in different shapes?

Every shape can be realized on customer`s request.