Design your Camblock set consisting of carrier board + sticker + polybag.

Step 1

Choose form and printing of your Camblock.

Step 2

To avoid the wear and tear of the printing image for particularly heavy duty used surfaces we recommend the protection of the Camblock surface – for example the smartphone – with protective varnish or doming coating. As a result the average lifetime of the printing image increases.

Step 3

Design a carrier board. For this use our proven standard formats or ask for an individual design.

Step 4

Place any number of (different) Camblocks on your carrier board – a lot of users have more than just one device.

Step 5

After a check up of your printing data you get a final production release from us before we start the actual production. You can look forward to a delivery after a normal delivery period of only 12 work days. If it has to be delivered faster, talk to us. Thanks to the production at our location based in Cologne we are at all times a reliable partner for spontaneous customers.

  • Your Camblock®-Set
Your Camblock®-Set

Your Camblock®-Set

  • Design your own double-sided carrier card
  • Form, position and imprint are entirely up to you
  • Order any number of stickers
  • The Webcam Cover is reusable, won‘t mark your device and sticks to all smooth and
    lightly textured surfaces
  • Made to order in Germany, Cologne
  • Perfect for promotional material


  • Imprinted carry-card 4/4-coloured, Webcam-Sticker 4/0-coloured
  • Dimensions: ca. 85 x 55 mm
  • 350g photo print both sides matte finished
  • On request: high-gloss plastic bag based on corn starch
  • Average Delivery Time: Up to 14 days
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